Lead, Sell, or Get out of the Way

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Why would a leadership blogger review a book about sales?

Everyone sells. Specifically, leaders sell ideas, vision, change, a preferred future.

Ron Karr’s book is much more than a book about sales. It’s a book about leading and leadership. Reading it helped me see leading from the angle of selling results. I believe all leaders need the seven traits of great sellers.

#1. Clear vision of where you are going

#2. Position yourself powerfully in the mind of “customers”

#3. Build strong alliances

#4. Ask questions that create opportunities

#5. Create a clear value proposition

#6. Communicate well and effectively

#7. Hold yourself accountable and responsible

Favorite Chapter

Chapter 7, “Asking Good Questions,” is my favorite chapter. Ron clearly demonstrates that good questions elevate you, the conversation, and potential results. You exemplify leadership by asking the types of questions leaders ask. For example, “What do you want to see happening differently in your company six months from now?”

Here’s another leadership question I’m asking myself and others. “What does it cost not to act?”

Personal Lesson

Another important lesson I learned is the value of slowing down. The sales process like the leadership process takes preparation, time, and careful execution. People in sales frequently fail because they close too quickly. Passionate leaders may fail for the same reason.

People who rush the process P.U.K.E., “People who Utter Knowledge about Everything.” (My favorite acronym in the book)

Lead, Sell, or Get out of the Way, is a leadership book disguised as a sales book. It helped me look at leading from a new angle.


What would change if you thought of leadership as selling?

Think of leaders as sellers. What are the top “leader as seller” qualities?”

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