QBQ! The Question Behind the Question

What I learned from QBQ!

Blaming others is a powerful source of unhappiness and bitterness. Blaming propagates victim thinking and victims feel pushed around by others and circumstances.

John Miller’s book “QBQ,” can help you transform victim thinking into personal responsibility by asking the right questions.

“The answers are in the questions.”

Personal success begins when you stop asking why, who, and when questions.

  • When will I be appreciated?
  • Why do I have to do everything myself?
  • Who is setting vision?
  • Why doesn’t the younger generation want to work?

Personal success begins when you start asking what and how questions.

  • How can I be a better coach?
  • How can I be a better leader?
  • What can I do to set better boundaries and just say “no?”
  • What can I do to communicate better?

Blaming others won’t make you a better leader. It’s not about what “they’ve” done or not done. You’ll find success, “within the box.”

Rather than working to change others work to change you.

There are three components to every effective QBQ:

  1. Begin with “What” or “How,” (not “Why,” “When,” or “Who”).
  2. Contain an “I,” (not “They,” “Them,” “We,” or “You”).
  3. Focus on action.

QBQ will help you learn, grow, change, and lead.


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