What if you aren’t talented and smart?

If you aren’t talented:

  1. Build strategic relationships rather than working on your own.
  2. Solve the frustrations of others.
  3. Develop a reputation as a finisher.
  4. Follow your passion. “Passion trumps everything,” Gary V.
  5. Succeed at tasks others don’t want.

If you aren’t smart:

  1. Help others solve their own problems rather than offering solutions.
  2. Put others in the spotlight rather than seeking glory.
  3. Listen more, talk less.
  4. Ask, “How can I help?”
  5. Express compassion.

Here’s another advantage of lacking talent and brains. You don’t intimidate others. That means they’re more likely to welcome you into their world. You have opportunity for powerful, positive influence. That makes you a leader.

Don’t overestimate the power of talent and brains. We all know individuals with talent and brains that are under-employed or spinning their wheels.

You don’t need smarts and talent to do the 10 things I listed. However, you’ll seem smart and talented if you do them.


What’s more important than talent and brains?