Don’t listen to lazy people

Learn from critics, experts that dissent, those that adopt your mission but question the vision. Listen to lessons-learned from those that tried and failed. But don’t listen to lazy people.

Lazy people lean away from work and toward indolence. Lazy people are excuse makers, complainers, blame casters, and problem finders. They focus on not doing and avoidance. Actionable suggestions are met with, “Yeah, but …”

Lazy people minimize the exertion of others, “it was nothing,” they say. That’s because they don’t value work. They don’t appreciate the price of success – labor. They demoralize workers.

Listening to lazy people is like taking anchors into your soul and stuffing rocks in your pockets.

In my opinion, lazy people dream of success without disruption and rigor. Their idea bin overflows with shiny unused nuggets. They talk it but they don’t walk it.


Not everyone who complains or points out problems is lazy. I’ve seen ungrateful people work hard. Additionally, not doing as an exercise in efficiency is not lazy.

Listen to doers

The problems doers point out are more likely real rather than imagined. They say things like, “If you do it that way …”

Experienced doers suggest actionable items.

If you align experienced doers with your mission and vision, you’re more likely to enjoy valuable input and feedback.


Lazy people don’t lack dreams and ideas. They are full of suggestions that provide work for others. If you have a lazy person in your corner, plug your ears and beat feet.