Seeing Red Cars

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Laura Goodrich has written a small book with a big message (150 pages).

I’m not a fan of simplistic, “positive thinking,” the approach that if you dream it you’ll do it. The world is filled with dreamers that don’t achieve. However, I believe, “Seeing Red Cars,” provides rubber-hits-the-road strategies for creating and achieving a vision driven life, team, and organization.

How to drive into a positive future?

Focus on what you want. It’s likely you spend most of your life reacting rather than acting. Additionally, research shows that 70% of your thoughts are about what you don’t want and what you’d like to avoid.

Can you, in this moment, name what you want? You can’t get there if you can’t name it. “Clarity is the most important motivator and predictor of future success. You get more of what you focus on.”

Focus on what you can control.  Life’s frustrations center on things you can’t control. Trying to control them drains you. You’ll go farther by playing to your strengths and controlling what you can control.

Six Strategies that help you get there.

  1. Jump into social media. Twitter is the most powerful tool available for establishing new connections.
  2. Follow your intuition. When was the last time you did some soul-searching?
  3. Engage in many conversations. One significant conversation can change your life.
  4. Utilize supporters. Let others help.
  5. Utilize doubters. Prove the: can’t, don’t, and won’t people wrong.
  6. Deal effectively with weaknesses by linking with the strengths of others.

If you can’t state what you want, describe your plan, and define a time-line for getting there, “Seeing Red Cars,” is for you.


February 14 is the release date of, “Seeing Red Cars.” 50% of the royalties from opening-day sales are being donated to the Make a Wish® Foundation of Minnesota.


Why don’t individuals focus more on what they want?

How can leaders develop a more positive, vision driven outlook, both personally and organizationally.


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