Four things to stop in order to fuel momentum

Stagnation is normal – persistent progress and forward momentum exceptional. Pretending, complaining, avoiding, and limiting won’t fuel progress.

Stop Pretending

Stop pretending you want change when in reality you want comfort.

Usually comfort and change run contrary to each other. Backward facing leadership takes less effort, less courage, and less creativity.

General Shinseki wisely observed, “If you don’t like change, you’re going to like irrelevance even less.”

Your best option is growing comfortable with constant change.

Stop Complaining

Complaining is comfortable self-confirmation.

In the short-term complain is fun and provides the façade of power. Change is deceptively difficult; easy to talk but hard to do. Complaining is joyfully easy.

Creating is courageous disruption and dangerous self-expression. Complaining may instigate change but it won’t sustain it.

Stop Avoiding

Forward facing leaders always encounter conflict, resistance, arm chair quarterbacks, disagreement, fear of failure, and more.

Forward movement and uncomfortable conversations go hand in hand. You cannot and should not avoid them.

Conflict and resistance can’t validate or justify your direction. They are, however, evidence of movement. Face, embrace, and learn from them.

Stop Limiting

Complex problems have more than one solution.

Perfecting a solution is a fault-finding process. You bombard an option with imagined scenarios and anticipated problems looking for faults. There’s value in the process but it won’t create a perfect response to high-potential opportunities. There’s more than one.

Analyze, investigate, evaluate; then pick one solution and perfect it as you go. Searching for one perfect solution before pulling the trigger slows progress and drains momentum.

Momentum requires courage, focus and fuel or it cools. Which of these things can you stop today in order to keep moving forward?

What can leaders stop in order to keep moving forward?