7 Steps to Transformational Influence

The problem I have with Jeremie’s book is it’s inescapably practical.

Jeremie and Kelly

Jeremie Kubicek, President and CEO of GiANT Impact, focuses on potential beyond current expectations. My impression is based on a 45 minute phone call and his valuable book, “Leadership is Dead.”

Jeremie’s book explains seven action steps to life-changing influence. Do them and you create positive trajectory for yourself and others.

Seven action steps to transformational influence:

  1. Give trust to become trustworthy. The first stage of influence is trust others.
  2. Become credible not just smart. Credibility comes with high levels of competency and depth of knowledge.
  3. Be intentional in your influence. Influence is a mix of purposeful action and virtuous character.
  4. Break through your walls of self-preservation. Abandon self-preservation for service.
  5. Pursue relationship before opportunity. Influencers establish authentic relationships that exceed any financial or personal opportunity.
  6. Give yourself away. Give for the benefit of others and work to meet their needs instead of your own every day. Giving is not about losing something; it’s about putting yourself out in the universe for the benefit of all.
  7. Become significant in your impact. To have influence you must be willing to be influenced. Make a list of those who have enriched your life. Follow their example.

Jeremie’s passion is helping people break through self-preservation into profound levels of influence by serving.

I asked Jeremie for the advice he most frequently shares. He said, “Oh, that’s easy, relationship before opportunity.” More on that tomorrow…

Which of Jeremie’s seven steps do you find most challenging?

How have you practiced one of these useful action steps?


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