Maybe you are the problem …

Once upon a time, a bushy gray-bearded man shuffled toward farmer’s market.  Sadly, the spring air felt right but it smelled wrong. Pausing, he shrugged and then trudged forward.


Happening upon a purple lilac in full bloom… “This sweet lilac will overcome this painful stink.”  It reeked! The deeper he inhaled the more disgusting it smelled.  Dejected, he continued his task.

A whistling stranger passed the confused gray-beard.  “How anyone can whistle in this sour air is beyond me?”

Further along, a fellow townsman waved, “Good day.”

Frustrated he growled, “Don’t you smell that!”

The townsman joyfully called back, “Yes, isn’t the spring air lovely!”


Produce in hand, the frustrated, confused, dreary, gray-beard turned homeward.  Dejected, he thought, “The whole world stinks.”

Dusk filled his sour home.  Discouraged, the bushy gray-beard prepared for bed, hoping for escape in his sleep.

Splashing water in his face, rancid bits of cottage cheese fell from under his mustache.  They’d clung there since breakfast.

Straightening himself, inhaling deeply, spring arrived.

He laughed, “I guess I was the source of my own sour.”

If you are the problem, you are the solution.

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