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10 Things you can do to make Monday great

  1. Make your opportunities; waiting won’t work. You’re the source of your own frustration when you wait rather than work. You’ll find greater satisfaction in life by uncovering ways to earn your “break” rather than waiting for someone to give it to you.
  2. Dream less, do more, and serve generously. Ask, what am I doing to achieve my dream more than what is my dream.
  3. Stop being a know-it-all; start asking questions. Stop imagining why “it” won’t work and start imagining why it will.
  4. Go with the best option.
  5. Forget short-cuts. Sometimes they happen; usually they don’t.
  6. Good enough is good enough on low impact items. Stop wasting your time perfecting everything.
  7. You’ll meet next week’s deadline if you do a little today.
  8. Don’t wait to be told.
  9. Rest only when you’re tired.
  10. Finish something today.

Bonus: Bring joy to someone. The CEO, a director, or your manager are great options.

What “week-starting” tips can you add?