“Too Good to be Promoted” is Bull Crap

“The boss says you’re too important to be promoted.” Don’t believe it. That’s selfish bull crap.

Some bosses promise promotions in order to appease you. They are lying manipulators. Their goal is to keep you where you are, give you more responsibility – while not paying for it.

Bosses that lie and manipulate:

  1. Give new job titles with little or no pay increase.
  2. Add responsibility but don’t deliver the promotion.
  3. Make excuses for not promoting you.
  4. Move the targets.
  5. Nit pick your skill-set. One month it’s one problem; the next month it’s another.
  6. Won’t explain deliverables or milestones that indicate trigger promotion.
  7. Don’t have the guts to tell you the truth.

Continuing without a promotion indicates:

  1. You are getting enough from the position to stay; stop complaining.
  2. Responsibilities drive you to keep your job – do your best.
  3. You’re gullible and naïve. Find an outside viewpoint.
  4. You are fear-driven rather than opportunity-driven.
  5. You aren’t as good as you think you are – improve.
  6. You don’t understand and embrace the boss’s lack of commitment to your advancement.

10 Things to do when you aren’t promoted:

  1. Take responsibility for your trajectory while realizing others matter.
  2. Move laterally out of your department.
  3. Make it easy for the boss to promote you by training someone to do your job (with approval from the boss).
  4. Sharpen your resume’ and start looking.
  5. Network – enhance your people skills.
  6. Help others get promotions.
  7. Stay positive; avoid bitterness and complaining.
  8. Identify what you need to do to earn a promotion.
  9. Never give an ultimatum.
  10. Never tell the boss you are looking for a new job.

Have you been “too good to be promoted?” What did you do?

What suggestions can you offer someone that’s in this spot?