15 Techniques That Build Loyal Followers

Surround yourself with people who will walk through hell with you.

Lost loyalty:

“I used to love my job, they said, but not anymore.”

“What happened,” I asked?

“The old boss left. I’d do anything for the old boss. Now, I’m just putting in my time.”

You earn it:

Loyalty is always earned, it is never a gift.

You can invite loyalty but you can’t demand it.

How to earn loyalty:

  1. Enable other’s success.
  2. Leverage other’s strengths.
  3. Improve other’s performance.
  4. Adopt high standards.
  5. Correct and discipline.
  6. Answer public challenges publicly.
  7. Give meaning to tasks.
  8. Stand behind people when they screw up.
  9. Admit when you are wrong.
  10. Be emotionally steady.
  11. Clearly describe what you want.
  12. Model behaviors you expect.
  13. Share the spotlight.
  14. Don’t be a buddy.
  15. Make it easy to get things done.

Bonus: Believe you deserve loyalty.

People want to be loyal to a person, cause, or organization that deserves loyalty. Expressing loyalty is a noble act that enhances our feelings of worth and gives meaning to life.

What invites loyalty?