Useful Leadership Quotes? – You Decide

Today’s world appreciates brevity.

Useful leadership quotes inspire, distill, or direct, quickly.

Will you bring your perspective and insights to this set of leadership quotes? Grab one or more and expand, correct, or modify it?

17 leadership quotes for you to play with:
  1. Great leaders don’t change people. They create environments where people can change themselves.
  2. You matter most when you make others matter. From: How to Start Right and End Well
  3. Great leadership includes leading people to self-discovery.
  4. Be predictable but reject conformity.
  5. Systems don’t complete projects people do.
  6. Conformity never inspires. From: 5 Surprising ways to Inspire Others
  7. Stop pretending you want change when in reality you want comfort.
  8. If you want to transform an organization, grow new leaders.
  9. The question that frees you isn’t what should I do, it’s what should I stop. From: Over Commit to One Thing
  10. Believe in those who believe in you.
  11. Leaders believe in others.
  12. If you can see the finish line it’s time to start again.
  13. If you aren’t learning you’re losing.
  14. Things that don’t make sense have more potential than things that do.
  15. Leaders give people permission to make a difference.
  16. Love gives meaning and worth to everything you do. From: From Low Impact to High Impact Leadership
  17. Opportunities hide in unmet needs.
Next level challenge:

Give feet to a quote by developing a set of hot-to’s. For example: Be predictable but reject conformity.

Be predictable:

  1. Treat everyone with equity; reject favoritism.
  2. Avoid flying off the handle.
  3. Think before you speak.
  4. Adopt and consistently observe policies and procedures.
  5. Prepare people for change.
Reject conformity:
  1. Invite outsiders in.
  2. Generate more than one solution.
  3. Predictably ask, “Why not?”
  4. Challenge inefficiencies.
  5. Eagerly explore new ideas. Say yes as much as possible.


Which quotes speak to you? Modifications?

What how-to’s can you add to a quote?