The Word I Don’t Hear Much

“We have a crisis in leadership. Confidence in leaders continues to decline. At the same time, our current financial situation says we are in desperate need of leaders.”

“Would you trust your leaders to babysit your children?” John Baldoni.

Leadership begins with trust. Acting in the best interest of others builds trust. Self-interest, at the expense of others, destroys trust.

Leaders who think more about what they get than what they give can’t be trusted.

During my conversation with Baldoni, he said, “We need more sacrifice in leadership. Sacrifice is doing what’s right for others, first.” John Baldoni.

The power of sacrifice:

  1. Sacrifice builds trust, commitment, and loyalty.
  2. Great achievement always calls for sacrifice.
  3. Sacrifice reveals the heart. Calling others to sacrifice without self-sacrifice degrades others.
  4. Self-sacrifice enables leaders to call others to sacrifice.
  5. Sacrifice is the path to connecting with something bigger than you.
  6. Leaders willing to sacrifice take the long view.
  7. Ethics and integrity have meaning in tension between self-service and others-service.

Calling leaders to sacrifice is calling them to love others more than they love themselves.

Many topics in leadership are challenging and awkward; sacrifice tops the list. I don’t hear much about sacrifice. It’s time to bring it back.

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What does leadership-sacrifice look like from your perspective?