20 Commitments that Enhance Leadership

Leaders without commitments frantically bounce like balls in pinball machines with no clear direction. Commitments are stabilizing stakes in the ground that guide behaviors and inform decisions.

Commitments are decisions you don’t reconsider.

Top leadership commitments include:

  1. Care.
  2. Serve.
  3. Clarify. Clarity drives success.
  4. Know where you’re going and tell others, often.
  5. Act. Step toward the future. Only look backward as it enables forward movement.
  6. Choose optimism or get out of leadership.
  7. Point out what isn’t working, quickly.
  8. Don’t whine.
  9. Set deadlines.
  10. Find celebration points every day.
  11. Act in harmony with your heart. Pleasing others always falls within your values.
  12. Pause. Stop doing and spend time in self-reflection, daily. Failure to reflect creates disconnected frantic lives.
  13. People before projects. It’s always about building people who become part of effective teams.
  14. Study people. Know and understand what makes them tick and wind their clocks.
  15. Ask hard questions.
  16. Stop giving answers; help others find them.
  17. Encourage all the time, even when correcting.
  18. Use mistakes as learning opportunities rather than blaming moments.
  19. Let others know they matter by explaining their contribution.
  20. Look people in the eye, gently.

Bonus: Say, “I don’t know. What do you think?”

Which leadership commitments are most important?

What did I leave off this list?