12 Ways to Express Remarkable Boldness

Don’t admire babies in adult bodies who get what they want by throwing their weight around. You might look at them and wish you had more boldness. Don’t.

Juvenile leaders boldly demand that others serve them, but draw back when it’s time to extend service to others.

Leadership requires boldness, even though it has a dark side.


12 expressions of remarkable boldness:


  1. Give and serve. Servants achieve the deepest results. Be more bold about your giving than your getting.
  2. Point out things that aren’t working. Every problem you tiptoe around caps your organization. Successful leaders say what everyone knows, but is afraid to name.
  3. Plan. Boldness without planning is foolish.
  4. Prepare.
  5. Execute. Everything worth doing is worth doing boldly.
  6. Call people to engage in meaningful service.
  7. Eliminate teammates who persistently drain colleagues and teams, even if they deliver results.
  8. Expect others to step up until they prove they won’t.
  9. Express your heart.
  10. Listen to frustrations, yours and theirs.
  11. Follow curiosity.
  12. Show compassion.

Bonus: Boldly follow curiosity.


Love drives boldness. Where there is no love, fear rules, and fear rules out boldness.

Love for others drives bold service. Love for self drives us to boldly draw lines, when others take advantage or abuse.

Lopsided love drives lopsided boldness. Love for self without corresponding love for others results in abusive boldness.


Boldness isn’t an excuse for:

  1. Poor planning.
  2. Lack of preparation.
  3. Abuse and rudeness.
  4. Backstabbing.
  5. Indulgence.
  6. Manipulation.
  7. Bowling over people.

Where can you be bold today?