10 Ways to Lift the Lid on Your Leadership

Helplessness is a comfortable self-affirming myth for those who refuse to step forward.

Decisions made in helplessness matter as much as decisions made in power. “I can’t change anything,” profoundly impacts life.


I can’t blame anyone – but myself – for all the time I spent spinning my wheels. Neither can you. You have the ability, responsibility, and opportunity to improve your leadership.

You are the lid on your effectiveness.

The law of the lid:

“Leadership ability determines a person’s level of effectiveness.” John Maxwell in “The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership.”

10 ways to lift the lid on your leadership:

  1. Include others. If you can do it alone, it’s not big enough.
  2. Become accountable to someone. Don’t let yourself off the hook so damn much.
  3. Think about working with and through, not for.
  4. Do stuff that others don’t like doing.
  5. Assess your people skills, planning and strategic thinking, vision, and results.*
  6. Choose and achieve a meaningful milestone everyday. Don’t worry about eating the whole elephant. Just take a bite.
  7. Seek feedback. When it comes to developing your leadership, seeking feedback may be the most important thing you do.
  8. Stop doing things that don’t work. Constant, recurring frustration points to the need for change.
  9. Put yourself in stressful situations.
  10. Read.

Bonus: Do things where failure matters.

*From “The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership” pg 10.

L words for leaders:

This is the “L” installment of the dictionary for leaders.

  1. Ladder – be it.
  2. Last – take it. (Leaders Eat Last).
  3. Latitude – give it.
  4. Laughter – enjoy it.
  5. Leap – do it.
  6. Legacy – live it.
  7. List – use it.
  8. Loony – try it.
  9. Loop – close it.
  10. Loyalty – extend it.

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How can leaders lift the lid on their own effectiveness?

What L’s for leaders can you add to the list?