10 Reasons You Lose Gratitude and 16 Ways to Find It

Gratitude is a form of happiness.

Ungratefulness, unhappiness, and ugliness travel in the same circles.

Ungratefulness paints everything ugly.

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10 gratitude robbers:

  1. The belief that leadership is anything other than service.
  2. Self-importance. Others never treat you good enough.
  3. Keeping score in relationships.
  4. Judging others by ourselves.
  5. Losing sight of purpose.
  6. Thinking short-term.
  7. Micro-management.
  8. Greed and stinginess.
  9. Envy at the success of others.
  10. Comparing an unsatisfying present to a satisfying past.

Gratitude rises up when you stop killing it.

16 ways to find gratitude:

  1. Include grateful-talk in meetings. Just imagine a meeting that begins, “What are you grateful for?”
  2. Adopt a servant’s heart. Servant leaders always find meaningful activity.
  3. Think of those less fortunate. It sounds perverse but it shifts perspective.
  4. Eject asses.
  5. Take a two minute breather after completing a task. Enjoy the moment. Don’t rush to the next job.
  6. Learn from mistakes. Stop beating yourself up.
  7. Expect more from yourself than you expect from others.
  8. Trust God. Faith fuels gratitude.
  9. Own your own gratitude. Stop blaming ungratefulness on others. Gratitude is about who you are.
  10. Enjoy gratitude from others.
  11. Accept people, stop fixing them. Help them develop, instead.
  12. Make the best of it. Stop waiting for the perfect moment.
  13. Think, “It could be worse.”
  14. Forget about fairness. Just do your best, regardless. Fairness destroys gratitude.
  15. Focus more on the process than results.
  16. Include three positive words for every negative in your vocabulary.

Bonus: Include gratitude on your schedule. Just schedule it.

Gratitude is a way of seeing. Two people experience similar circumstances. One grows ugly. One finds gratitude. It’s up to you.

What blocks gratitude in organizations?

How can leaders find gratitude?