Seven Ways to Be Grateful Like a Leader

The opportunity and ability to contribute is the great privilege of leadership. Be grateful every time you open your hand and heart, even if results fall short.

Generosity expands life.

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Gratitude and position:

Authority, respect, and position enhance the power of gratitude.

The more highly regarded you are, the more powerful your gratitude. The less need you have, the more powerful your thanks.

Servant leaders aren’t mealy-mouthed losers. They realize their power to make a difference and use it to benefit others.


Frailty produces gratitude; superiority drains it.

Those who feel better-than don’t feel thankful.

The less you need to say thanks, the more you should, and the more it’s appreciated by others.

7 ways to be grateful like a leader:

  1. Express happiness for the growth, progress, and success of others. Real leaders love the success of others.
  2. Look through the eyes of others and honoring what you see.
  3. Enjoy helping.
  4. See strength in others.
  5. Say thank you and walking away without making demands.
  6. Give more than you receive. Worry more about appreciating others and less about being appreciated.
  7. Delight in serving with others.

Servant leaders feel grateful for the opportunity to serve.

How can you be grateful like a leader?