I Woke Up Mad

I’m mad at someone who criticized my blog. He printed three posts and filled them with red circles.

What makes it worse? This person doesn’t write! They couldn’t write their way out of a wet paper bag. They have no right to criticize something they don’t do. Do they?

bird fight

He poked my posts in my face and began to explain what was wrong with the lists. Then he circled more bad areas with his big red pen, while I watched.

It gets worse:

I’m mad over a dream. That’s right. The whole “circle in red” experience was a dream, but, I’m mad, never the less.


Don’t trust your feelings. They don’t know the difference between reality and fantasy. Remember the last time you jumped out of your seat at a scary movie? Was it real?

Trust your feelings when it comes to values, sometimes.

Listen to yourself when you say, “That doesn’t feel right.”

But, sometimes you feel one way in the morning and another way at night. Physical, mental, and emotional states matter in matters of the gut. Are you rested, frazzled, clear-headed, or stressed? You may feel different in the morning.

Worse yet:

A guy on the team suggested we focus on a new person in our organization. He felt he was a high-potential. I didn’t. We went with my gut. Turns out I was right. Now, whenever my gut differs with his, I justify myself with that memory. I over-generalize the accuracy of my gut.


When two people collide over a decision, at least one of them is wrong.

Go with their gut when:

  1. Values and vision strongly align. Do you both want the same thing?
  2. They have more experience.
  3. They have more technical skill.
  4. All the information is on the table. They know what you know.

When do you go with your gut?

When do you go with someone else’s gut?