Responding to That Giant Sucking Sound

Every organization has pockets of energy. Work is easier. People feel enthusiastic. Stuff gets done.

Watch for pockets and people of energy in your organization. They are the future.

energy into energy


Every organization has energy black holes. Everything’s hard. People are negative. Getting stuff done is like whipping dead horses.


Pour energy into energy, not black holes.

Leaders can’t ignore black holes, just don’t feed them. Focus time and resources on energy.


Marginalize energy drains.

What area of your organization makes you feel like you’re pushing a rope? Marginalize it.

Spend time with people and teams who are chomping at the bit.


Black holes respond to pockets of energy in your organization with giant sucking sounds.

Here’s what black holes say about pockets of energy in your organization. “Why are we spending so much time on that project and neglecting this one?” They love to point out what’s wrong with success – under the guise that you’re being neglectful.

The success of others brings black holes to life.

DON’T succumb to pseudo-concern. They weren’t doing much. But, when energy erupts, they want to drain it.

Black holes want you to pull back.

You can’t move forward while pulling back on the reins.


When energy flares up in your organization, pour gas on it. Follow success. Don’t listen to voices that encourage you to pull back by suggesting you aren’t doing enough for others.

Follow the fire.


Don’t neglect problem areas because of energy in another. Work on both. Call black holes to put feet to their passion, but don’t let them drain energy from others.

When someone says, “What about….?” Ask, “What would you like to do about that?”

How do you deal with energy drains in your life or organization?

How have you felt pressure to stop focusing on success?