16 Ways to be the Leader of Choice

Know and maximize the value you bring others.

Would you choose to follow you?

Why would anyone follow you?

we follow leaders

16 ways to be the leader of choice:

  1. Succeed in an arena that matters to others. Those who value money respect leaders who make money.
  2. Choose meaningful goals. Leaders we love to follow, go where we want to go. Identify shared goals if you want followers.
  3. Elevate others. Take people somewhere they wouldn’t go without you. Reach high.
  4. Live generously. Spend more time thinking about others than you spend thinking about yourself.
  5. Respect others. If you want followers, don’t ask for respect. Extend it. Only extend respect when it’s earned.
  6. Maximize the talent of others. We follow leaders who believe in us, even as they push us to be better.
  7. See something in others that they don’t see in themselves. Successful leaders navigate tension between accepting who we are and believing in who we could be. If you want followers, propel people forward.  Don’t hold them back.
  8. Remain steady during uncertainty.
  9. Make people feel understood.
  10. Sacrifice for the benefit of others.
  11. Address tough issues. No one wants to follow a pushover.
  12. Be great at something. We don’t follow incompetence.
  13. Exude confidence gently but don’t minimize challenges to get there.
  14. Shift from serving yourself to serving others, the more the better.
  15. Define leadership. You can’t develop it if you can’t define it. Try Gary Wills’ definition on for size. “The leader is one who mobilizes others toward a goal shared by leader and follower.” (Certain Trumpets: The Nature of Leadership)
  16. Have enough ego to aspire to leadership but not so much that you forget leadership is about service.

Those who aspire to leadership aspire to make life better for others.

How can leaders become the leader of choice?

Which of these qualities seem most relevant to you?