7 Ways to Enhance Relevance and Increase Influence

You spend the first part of the journey fitting in and pleasing others. In the process you lose relevance.

The thing that makes you “other” is the thing that makes you relevant.

fitting in makes you irrelevant

Fitting in makes you irrelevant.

The second part of your journey is about overcoming the irrelevance of the first. Difference, not sameness, enhances relevance and increases influence.

“Compete with your difference,” Dr. Nido Qubein at the World Leaders Conference.

7 relevance enhancers:

  1. Solutions you find for yourself and others. The problem you want to forget is the stuff that enhances relevance.
  2. Passion to serve people. The relevance of making things better is the way it impacts people. Management is about people
  3. Compassion combined with high standards.
  4. Engagement that overcomes isolation.
  5. Resilience. Everyone who quits, steps toward oblivion. Find someone who believes in you. Be a person who believes in others.
  6. Gratitude.
  7. Honesty with kindness.

5 tips for standing out:

  1. Express positive intention.
  2. Share your story, but beware of whining.
  3. Enjoy approval from others, but don’t need it.
  4. Prepare for haters. Everyone who stands out meets haters.
  5. Don’t try to stand out, be yourself.

Bonus: Fail while trying, but whatever you do, try.

How might leaders enhance their relevance?

What makes you “other?”