Well Excuuuuse Me!

Excuse-making is a failure pretending to succeed.

No one gets it right all the time. The issue is response.

Excuses are the skin of a reason stuffed with a lie.

excuses are the skin of a reason-001


A member of the team where I lead asked, “Why do I have to ask you for this every week?” I thought of several reasons, none of them good. Rather than offer an excuse, I apologized.

Don’t validate failure with an excuse.

Top 10 excuses:

Excuses are downward pivot points that limit potential.

  1. I forgot.
  2. I was busy.
  3. It’s not my job.
  4. I intended to….
  5. I didn’t mean to.
  6. I didn’t know how to.
  7. You didn’t tell me to ….
  8. I tried and it didn’t work.
  9. They didn’t do their part so I couldn’t do mine.
  10. I was waiting. (If I never hear, “I was waiting for …,” again, it will be too soon!)

Excuse-makers are unreliable.

“People who fail in life are people who make excuses.” Ben Carson

12 ways to stop making excuses:

  1. Value yourself enough to care about your reputation.
  2. Think “promise,” when you take on a task. “I just made a promise.”
  3. Stay in your sweetspot as much as possible.
  4. Realize your failure frustrates others.
  5. Tell trusted friends what you’re doing to improve. Be specific. “I’m trying to get ‘better’,” is an excuse waiting to happen.
  6. Apologize when you screw up, without making excuses. If the screw up is about results, say, “I apologize.” If the screw up is a personal offense, say, “Please forgive me.”
  7. Say, “Next time I’ll ….”
  8. Believe you have more in you.
  9. Say no. Don’t say yes when you can’t deliver.
  10. Understand that small matters. Most of life is a series of small choices.
  11. Define success clearly.
  12. Clarify expectations and deadlines.

Bonus: Write it down.

Leaders don’t make excuses they take responsibility.

What are some of your “favorite” excuses?

Which is your favorite way to stop making excuses? Additions to the list?