10 Ways to Connect and Get Results

Indifference to input is one reason employees are silent. Curiosity is an inconvenience to anyone who already knows.

Leaders who lack curiosity, need it the most.

what question should I ask

New ways of seeing depend on new questions.

Use curiosity to:

  1. Strengthen relationships.
  2. Ignite innovation.
  3. Help others find their path forward.
  4. Establish accountability.
  5. Achieve remarkable results.

Coaching-leaders connect through sincere questions.

It’s easy to convince yourself you’re right. Just stop asking questions.

10 ways to commit to curiosity:

You think you know because you haven’t asked.

  1. Have coffee with someone who is smarter than you. Regularly!
  2. Open up when you feel like pushing back.
  3. Learn something new about team members. “How did you get started in _______,” for example.
  4. Begin questions with “what” and “how” not “why.”
  5. Be courageous enough to ask tough questions and wait for answers.
  6. Ask dumb questions. Fear of looking dumb prolongs dumb.
  7. Ask, “What question should I ask?”
  8. Value others.
  9. Humble yourself.
  10. Focus on constant improvement.

Bonus: Release the need to have all the answers.

3 curiosity tips:

  1. Commit to curiosity, even as you move forward. Too much curiosity blocks progress.
  2. Avoid making people feel interrogated. Explore gently.
  3. If you don’t want answers or input, don’t ask questions.

Curiosity prescription:

Have a five minute conversation where all you do is ask curious questions about whatever the other person wants to talk about. Don’t ask why, talk about yourself, or give advice. Affirm and thank when you’re done.

Take this prescription once a day for one week. Determine if you should continue using the prescription over the long haul.

How might leaders develop and practice curiosity?

How could you practice curiosity today?

*The curiosity prescription is adapted from, “Coaching for Engagement


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