Solution Saturday: Maintaining Motivation

It’s “Solution Saturday” and Ken asks how to maintain motivation two or three weeks after a layoff, for example?

Patterns make or break you, not one moment.

success is a series of decisions and behaviors that move you toward desired goals

Success is a series of decisions and behaviors that move you toward desired goals.

Second thoughts:

You think and say things you normally wouldn’t, when you feel down.

Reject first thoughts when you’re discouraged.

  1. Discouragement disorients.
  2. Discouragement interprets advice as criticism.
  3. Discouragement causes defensiveness.

7 withs:

You need a “with” when the sky is dark and the path seems long.

People who get the most help rise the highest.

Avoid backward facing neediness. Embrace forward facing empowerment.

  1. Hang with someone who’s in the same boat.
  2. Hang with someone who has been where you are, but passed through.
  3. Look outside your company for support and insight.
  4. Explore options (Emphasis on the plural) with others.
  5. Let someone hear you say, “I intend to ….,” Do your intentions hold water when someone else is listening?
  6. Avoid fixers. People who offer easy answers and quick solutions to discouraged personal are irritating.
  7. Avoid minimizers. “It’s not that bad,” doesn’t help.

5 quick tips:

  1. Clarify your personal goals. What do you really want?
  2. Keep serving. Don’t sabotage yourself by punishing your organization.
  3. Ask, ’If this adversity/discouragement could speak, what lesson would it teach me?”
  4. Focus on things within your control.
  5. Minimize complaining about things you can’t control.

Bonus: Don’t judge yourself because you’re down. It’s a double downer to feel down and then judge yourself for it.

Adversity is an opportunity for clarity.

What suggestions can you offer for maintaining motivation after an extended dry spell?

Two recommended books on grit:

The Soft Edge, by Rich Karlgaard

GRIT, by Paul Stoltz, Ph.D.

I’m sending Ken a Leadership Freak coffee cup because I used his topic.