One Minute to Make a Difference

Big egos move slowly. They worry about protocol, image, and butt kissing.

Humble managers deliver results and develop talent quickly.

Successful management is about many brief encounters.

successful management is about many brief encounters.png

One minute management:

(What follows comes from, “The New One Minute Manager.”)

Start: Let people know up front what you are going to do to help them win.

One minute goals:

It takes more than a minute to design goals. But, any goal that takes longer than a minute to review is too complicated.

  1. Make it clear what the goals are.
  2. Show what good behaviors look like.
  3. Write each goal on one page.
  4. Quickly review goals frequently.
  5. Encourage people to notice what they’re doing, and see if it matches their goals.
  6. If not, urge them to change what they’re doing and win.

One minute praisings:

  1. Praise the behavior.
  2. Do it soon. Be specific.
  3. Say how good you feel about it.
  4. Pause to let people feel good too.
  5. Encourage them to keep up the good work.

Proceed with more success.

One minute re-directs:

  1. Re-clarify and agree on goals.
  2. Confirm what happened.
  3. Describe the mistake soon.
  4. Say how concerned you feel.
  5. Pause to let people feel their own concern.
  6. Tell them they’re better than mistakes and you value them.
  7. When it’s over, it’s over.

Proceed to better performance.

What “one minute practice” seems most useful to you today?