What if you’re not that Smart

Don’t worry if you aren’t the smartest person in the room; stay curious and work hard.

Curiosity and hard work takes leaders further than indulgent intelligence. If you’re intelligent, stay curious and work hard. If you feel dumb, stay curious and work hard.

Leaders who don’t ask questions are dumb, even if they’re smart.

curiosity is easy


Hard work without curiosity results in repeated head-banging. But, the good thing about curiosity is, it’s easy. Just ask questions.

The trouble is, curiosity feels slow for leaders who just want to get things done. So…

Smart leaders train themselves to ask questions, before making statements, even if they don’t feel curious.

Great questions:

“Good questions inform. Great questions transform.” John Maxwell

I asked some of the best question-askers, “What helps leaders ask great questions?”


Warren Berger, author of, “A More Beautiful Question,” said, “Confidence.”

Warren explained leaders must be confident enough to admit they don’t have all the answers and daring enough to, “ask bold, ambitious, beautiful questions.”


Bob Tiede, owner and author of, “LeadingWithQuestions.com,” said, “Might.”

Make frequent use of the word, “Might.”  Instead of, “What is the best way for us to increase sales?” Ask, “What might be the best way for us to increase sales?”


Mark Miller, author of, “Chess Not Checkers,” said, “Commitment.”

A commitment to life-long learning (helps leaders ask great questions) – Without this, the weeds of pride will choke out your questions.


Pam Smith, VP for Student Advancement at Biblical Theological Seminary, said, “Others.”

“Begin from the position that great questions are not about you; they are about helping others find transformational answers within themselves.”


Connect questions with something important in a person’s life.

“I know you enjoy golf, ‘How might we approach this opportunity with the second shot in mind?'”

How might leaders craft great questions?

What’s most important about asking questions?

**Keep a look out for more posts on curiosity and questions.