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Dear Dan: What Questions Should I Ask My CEO

Dear Dan, I have a new position within our company. Now I report directly to the CEO. What questions should I ask during our first meeting? Sincerely, Bob Dear Bob, Congratulations on earning… Continue reading

3 Questions That Move Experienced Leaders Forward

Ego loves being the go-to person. But dependency makes people weak, and leaders get in the way when they need to be needed.

One leader asked, “I wonder what I am doing to cause dependency?”

Well timed questions enable people to craft their own path forward.

4 Simple Questions to Clarify Complex Challenges

When facing complex challenges reflect on urgency, necessity, and perfectionism. Here’s how. #1. How important is finding a solution now? Make progress by leaving the most complex challenges until later. Do the simplest… Continue reading

10 Surprising Job Interview Questions that Identify the Right People

A job interview is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get. Paraphrased from Forest Gump. Reality is more important than aspiration when it comes to job interviews.… Continue reading

The 7 Powers of Questions

I’ve heard lots of questions over the years. Some were small. Others brilliant. Some reflected sincere but dead-end pursuits. Smart people ask short-sighted questions when they focus on the wrong things. “What should… Continue reading

Never Answer the Question You’re Asked Until You do 3 Things

You love giving answers, but great answers to wrong questions are wearisome. Irrelevance is annoying. Wrong questions: Don’t expect honest responses for accusations. “Why did you do that?” might feel genuine to you,… Continue reading