12 Ways to Quickly Energize Your Environment

Darkness prevails when you neglect positive energy.

Millions of dollars are spent on energizing employees, but energy remains low.

Focused energy is engagement.

energize your environement

Energy goes up when you tend it and cools when you neglect it.

12 ways to quickly energize your environment:

  1. Dedicate yourself to create positive environments. Great results come from positive energy. Name three things you’re doing today to ignite, fuel, or manage energy. All it takes is neglect for darkness to win.
  2. Get people talking about things that work. Just ask,
    1. What’s working?
    2. What do you enjoy?
    3. What do you love about your job?
  3. Give people five minutes, at the beginning of a meeting, to talk about a project that excites them. Cheer when they’re done. Tip: bring in someone from another department.
  4. Monitor the impact of your leaders and managers on energy levels. You can watch energy drain from the room when energy vampires start talking.  Reform or remove vampires. If you can’t do either, marginalize them.
  5. Evaluate the impact of your presence. Are people energized when you’re around?
  6. Go with your highest point of clarity. Confusion drains energy. Tip: Forget about 100% clarity.
  7. Grasp the fact that complaining doesn’t feel good. You may do it more than you realize.
  8. Do more than ask for things. If all you do is ask for things, people hate seeing you walk into the room.
  9. Decide what progress looks like, before you begin the journey.
  10. Establish direction and collaborate on how to get there. People feel powerful when they participate in the process, even if they don’t get everything they want.
  11. Lift people out of the weeds so they can reconnect with the big picture. “Let’s talk about where we’re going.
  12. Give people as many choices as possible, as long as they know where the ship is going.

How might leaders ignite, fuel, monitor, or manage energy?