The Answer to Losing Weight

The answer to losing weight isn’t eating less.

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I’m a stress eater. My answer to losing weight is about stress, not food.

The gift of craving:

Stress sneaks in unnoticed. Craving food is one indicator that I haven’t monitored and managed stress.

Craving is a gift that enhances awareness.

Three tips for managing stress:

  1. Plan fun. Go to someone in the office and ask, “How can we have fun today?” I realize some offices can’t imagine having fun. If you don’t know how to have fun, you won’t. You might need to keep fun seeking in a small circle of trusted friends.
  2. Develop daily routines to lower stress. Stress is inside you, not out there.
    • Walk every day.
    • Enjoy several small meals and snacks a day. The key word is enjoy. Don’t just fuel the engine. Savor a banana.
    • Get quiet several times a day. I’m terrible at clearing my mind and disconnecting. I keep trying anyway. All I need is three minutes a few times a day to relax my breathing and focus my mind on an empty chair. It breaks up the day.
    • Close unused browser windows. Focus on the task at hand.
    • Turn off as many notifications as possible.
  3. Schedule unscheduled time.

Real answers:

Solving the challenges you face is about you more than challenges.

  1. The more you need to say, the more you need to ask. How might you become curious?
  2. Negative environments may be about lack of gratitude. How might you become grateful?
  3. Leading is more about giving authority than protecting it. How might you trust others?


Perhaps the problems you’re solving are distractions. What if the problems you face are fundamentally about who you are, not the issues you’d like to solve?

Leadership is about who you are. Grow yourself – grow your leadership.

How might leaders get better at dealing with root causes?

What does growing yourself look like?

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