7 Ways to become Remarkable

Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg are attempting the first solar powered flight around the world. The attempt began March 9, 2016 in Abu Dhabi UAE when André flew to Muscat, Oman in 13 hours and 1 minute.

18,375 miles later, the team is preparing to fly the Solar Impulse 2 into New York City from Allentown, Pennsylvania.

solarimpulse 2


I was delighted that my schedule allowed me to accept an invitation to meet the pilots and see the plane. Yesterday I drove 140 miles from my home to Lehigh Valley International Airport.

I sat at a wooden folding table for a long talk with Bertrand about leadership. The temporary hanger was mostly empty. (More on that conversation another day.)


Last Sunday, I told a friend about my short expedition. “Why are you doing that?” She asked. At first, I didn’t know the answer. I had already interviewed André. I just knew I wanted to.

I realized that my passion to make a difference compels me to learn from remarkable people.

7 ways to become remarkable:

#1. Take every opportunity to connect with remarkable people. Poke and prod them. Remarkable seldom happens in isolation.

#2. Do less of what you did yesterday. Remarkable is about change, never more of the same. There is a caveat. You must never change your passion to do things that matter. You can’t simply chase the latest shiny new object and be remarkable.

#3. Reject excuses. Do the scary thing. 

#4. Do what makes you happy in service to others. Serving yourself makes you forgettable. Serving others makes you remarkable.

#5. Dig in for the long haul. Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg’s attempt to fly a solar airplane around the world began 14 years ago. Bertrand has raised over 140 million dollars.

#6. Act your way into clarity. Dreaming is useful only when it inspires action.

#7. Lean into dissatisfaction with optimism, not despair.

What does the path to remarkable leadership look like to you?

Follow two pioneers flying around the world in a solar airplane.

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