64% of CEOs Don’t Recognize What Motivates Others

64% of CEOs don’t recognize what truly motivates employees.*

When you complain about unmotivated employees, you’re making a statement about yourself.

reveal what they would really like to do but don't dare to do

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Inspirational leadership:

Everyone who speaks of Bertrand Piccard says he’s an inspirational leader. They don’t say he’s motivational. I asked Bertrand how he inspires people.

“Reveal what they would really like to do, but don’t dare to do.” Bertrand Piccard

In his own words (1:13): 

Bonus: Who inspires you (1:39):

3 ways to inspire:

#1. Seek to inspire – not motivate:

Eliminate the term motivate. Adopt the term inspire. Baggage hangs from the term motivate – reward and punishment (carrots and sticks), for example. 

Motivation is something you do to others. Inspiration rises from within. (This is more than semantics. You can’t motivate someone for very long. Inspiration fuels itself.)

#2. They:

Focus on others, not yourself. “Reveal what they would really like to do…”

  1. Like and accept the people on your team for who they are. Acceptance comes before inspiration.. Accepting people for who they are is the first step toward inspiration. You can’t reject the people you hope to inspire.
  2. Become “one of” not “one above”. Everyone’s on a journey, even you.
  3. Uncover inspiration in frustration. How might frustrations reveal what they would really like to do?

Get over yourself, but don’t lose yourself. Give your best self in service to others.

#3. Run to the edge:

Inspiration happens by example.

Average never inspires.

How are you pursuing your own dreams? (I’m not referring to being rich, admired, or powerful.)

  1. What are you doing that ignites someone else’s imagination?
  2. Give yourself to something bigger than yourself.
  3. How are you working to make the world better?

Inspiration tip: You might not be able to meet Neil Armstrong, but you can read biographies.

What are the qualities and behaviors of inspirational leaders?

How might leaders reveal what others would like to do, but don’t dare?

* 2014 HR Executive Survey

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