4 Ways to Practice the Art of Commitment

Shallow commitment cheapens leadership.

Half-hearted leaders may have titles, but they can’t inspire commitment.

the art of commitment is self-expression

7 profound benefits of deep commitment:

  1. Self-respect. Drifting dishonors you and your maker.
  2. Clarity. Vague commitments cripple and confuse. You don’t know where to go or what to do when you aren’t committed. The less committed you are, the more confused you become.
  3. Decisions. Goals enable “no”. Commitments turn shiny objects into distractions.
  4. Fulfillment. Commitment leads to contribution. Contribution produces fulfillment.
  5. Trust. Commitments produce consistency. Put your trust in the committed, not the talent of the uncommitted. Commitment trumps talent.
  6. Courage. Cowardice is unwillingness to make commitments. Courage follows commitment.
  7. Boldness. Bold action springs from commitment to meaningful mission.

The art of commitment:

You’ll commit to anything, if you don’t know who you are.

When you inspire someone to commit, you provide a channel of self-expression.

Help people commit to behaviors that align with who they are. For example, I constantly think about ideas. No one has to tell me to come up with ideas. I just do. It’s always been that way.

It hurts when I think about organizing. I can and must do it, but it drains me. If you want fresh ideas, call me. If you want an organizer, call someone else.

Writing Leadership Freak expresses, expands, and extends who I am. It’s about ideas.

The beauty of commitment is self-expression.

4 ways to practice the art of commitment:

  1. Be deeply committed yourself. Do something that makes others shake their heads and wonder how you do it. Obsession and commitment are cousins.
  2. Create space for people to find and express their authentic self.
    • Listen to their story.
    • Provide reflection time after achievement.
    • Learn and leverage strengths and aspirations.
  3. Connect work with self-expression. How does what you do express who you are?
  4. Align work with things that matter to them.

What prevents people from making commitments?

How might leaders inspire deep commitment in others?

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