12 Promises to My Future Self

I’m often asked what advice I’d give to my younger self. Trouble is, my younger self wouldn’t listen.

“What would I say to my future self?” is a more interesting question.

to my future self - I think I need to remeber what you'll remember about me

Dear Future Dan,

I want you to be proud of me.

It seems to me, as I think of you, that you’ll laugh at some of the things I’m getting all worked up about. I’ll try to chill out, but I can’t make any promises.

12 promises to my future self:

  1. To deal with nagging frustrations so you wont have to.
  2. To seek out new and interesting people so you won’t lack for fulfilling relationships.
  3. To follow curiosity. I’ll ask two questions before I speak. I’ll pause and listen, especially when I know they’re wrong.
  4. To compassionately – but aggressively – expect myself and others to live up to our talent. I’ll keep asking, “Is this the best I can do?” I’ll make progress, not excuses.
  5. To expect more of myself than of others.
  6. To take the stairs, not the elevator.
  7. To say what I really think with kindness and clarity.
  8. To reflect on patterns in my life with you in mind. I think I need to remember the trouble my short-sighted decisions will cause you.
  9. To expand my capacity to serve. I promise to pour into my life so you can pour into others. 
  10. To eat healthy 80% of the time. That’s the very best I can do.
  11. To daily nurture relationships with my wife and God.
  12. To live below – not beyond – my means.

This morning, I’m remembering that in a few ticks of the clock I’ll be gone and you’ll be remembering me.

I want you to be happy.

With deep regards,

Dan (Your past self)


Imagine your hopes for your future self.

Which promises to my future self are important to you?

What promises would you make to your future self?

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