Companies Choose Unqualified Managers 82% of the Time

Only one in ten people have the talent to manage. No wonder, according to Gallup, companies choose unqualified managers 82% of the time.

If you disagree with Gallup’s findings, establish a criteria for effective management behaviors and survey your employees, anonymously of course.


It’s the “and”:

The “and” in the following sentences makes management challenging.

  1. Building relationships and delivering results.
  2. Answering expectations from higher ups and treating people like humans rather than tools.
  3. Getting things done today and reminding people of the big picture.
  4. Giving support and challenge.
  5. Having tough conversations and staying optimistic.
  6. Innovating and establishing routines.
  7. Listening to input and making decisions.
  8. Prioritizing time and remaining flexible.
  9. Expecting performance and developing people.
  10. Providing negative feedback and affirming positive behaviors.

Managers often tell me they’re frustrated and feel unsupported.

Dealing with the “and”:

The #1 behavior of the most effective managers at Google is coaching.

Dipping your toe in the coaching stream:

  1. Stand beside and with people both figuratively and literally.
  2. Say what you see without judging it.
    1. I noticed your energy dip. What’s happening for you?
    2. That’s not working for you. What new behavior would you like to try?
    3. How is that getting you where you want to go? (Use this question both to affirm and confront.)
  3. Challenge people to give their best.
    1. How might you bring your best to this project?
    2. What behaviors align best with your highest aspirations?
    3. How will you know you’re succeeding?
  4. Silence your inner fixer for a moment or two. Provide space for individuals to solve their own problems and seize their own opportunities. (This is the coaching-manager’s greatest challenge and opportunity. If you do nothing else, do this.)
  5. Practice forward-facing curiosity. Briefly explore what went wrong. Quickly move to, “How might you step toward your goal?”

Which coaching questions seem most effective? Least effective?

How does the sector you work in impact the value of coaching? Manufacturing? Healthcare? Technology?

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