10 Ways to Protect Relationships and Avoid Bleeding Out for Your Organization

The higher you go, the more likely you’ll bleed out for your organization. 

You’ll come to hate the job you love, if you never turn off work.



Sooner or later some ‘unqualified’ person will have your position.

Humility helps with work-life balance.

Define life in relational terms, not tasks. 

Life is relationships.

Protecting relationships:

#1. Involve others. Tell them you’ve been spending too much time working at home. Let them know you’re learning to focus on relationships. Ask for suggestions.

#2. Schedule limited time to discuss work at home. Have fun with violations. If your spouse brings up work outside their allotted time, make them pay a penalty. Maybe it’s 30 seconds of hugs and kisses.

#3. Let your team know that you’re changing your ‘always on’ practice. (They’ll respect you.) Schedule check-in times when you’re away from work. Perhaps five minutes at the top of the hour. 

#4. Schedule shutdown time. Perhaps 8 p.m. is the last time you’ll check email and texts until after breakfast.

#5.Think relationships in the morning.  

  • Think about how you want to show up with family and coworkers.
  • Express gratitude to someone.
  • Determine three people-centric goals for the day.

#6. Turn off your work cell phone. Purchase a prepaid cell phone for emergencies. Give the number to family, close friends, and select staff.

#7. Set a no Internet hour at home.

#8. Equip others to take on some aspects of your work.

#9. Designate a workspace at home, even if it’s a work-chair. Only go there to work.

#10. Turn your mind toward home when you leave work. Drop off your work baggage by the elevator. Believe me, it will be waiting for you tomorrow morning.

Which suggestions could you try in your situation?

What suggestions for turning off from work and turning on to relationships might you add?

Research: When Work Interferes with Life

AFTER  NOTE: My wife just read this post and laughed. She said, “You have a lot of work to do. I’m turning your laptop off at 8 tonight.”