A Single Transformational Question

One of the great gifts you give team members is opportunity to reflect on their journey.

“Follow effective action with quiet reflection. From the quiet reflection will come even more effective action.” Peter Drucker


Leaders energize teams when they help team members bring their best selves to work.

A single transformational question:

“What are you learning?”

Don’t ask, “What have you learned?” It suggests finality. Finality is death.

Don’t wait for failure to ask, “What are you learning?”

When was the last time someone asked you, “What are you learning?”

7 specific expressions of what are you learning:

  1. What are you learning about yourself?
  2. What are you learning about managing your energy?
  3. What are you learning about leadership?
  4. What are you learning about your team?
  5. What are you learning about your boss?
  6. What are you learning about customers?
  7. What are you learning about what matters?

5 Follow-up questions:

Second questions are even more powerful than first.

  1. How might the things you are learning change you?
  2. What might you do differently in view of what you’re learning about yourself?
  3. How might your learnings change the way you treat others and yourself?
  4. In view of your learnings, what might you need to stop doing? This is one of my all-time favorites. One reason you’re stretched too thin is starting is easier than stopping. Teams that can’t replace ineffective behaviors with effective always end up stuck.
  5. How might the things you’re learning cause you to redefine what matters now?

The path unfolds as you go, not before.

Action followed by reflection:

  1. Protects teams from blindly repeating the past.
  2. Enables team members to grow into their best selves.
  3. Builds platforms for greater success.

How might you finish the question, “What are you learning about…?

How might leaders help team members bring their best selves to work?