How to Reimagine and Redesign with Your Team

I wonder if achieving our dreams would ruin us?

“I wish that we had torn the ticket up.” Jack Whittaker, winner of $315 million lottery.



How might you and your team need to reimagine yourselves if things go perfectly for your organization in 2017?

Reimagine together:

When people stay the same, organizations stay the same.

Image that you reach or exceed your goals in 2017. 

  1. What will be different about the way you do things if you achieve your goals?
  2. What needs to be different about leadership if you achieve your goals?
  3. How do roles on the team change if you succeed?
  4. How might team dynamics be different?
  5. What new skills might teammates need if you reach your goals for 2017?
  6. What won’t work anymore if your dreams of success come true?
  7. Ask team mates, “What would you like to be doing if everything we want to happen happens?

Begin today. Move toward the person, leader, and organization you need to be if you succeed in 2017. Nothing changes until you change.

People need to grow and change if you expect organizations to grow and change.

Redesign together:

Consider the ripple effect of one person reimagining their role.

The challenge of organizational life is interconnection. What happens with one person impacts others. Suppose top talent takes on new challenges. Who else needs to reimagine themselves?

When leaders reimagine their role, those nearby need to reimagine theirs. (The alternative is adding new people to the team.)

Risk of redesign:

Don’t undermine success by elevating top talent to their level of incompetence.

Some teammates should continue doing exactly what they’re doing. They’ve found their niche. They’re leveraging their talent. They love what they’re doing.

Mitigate risk by providing mentors, coaches, and training when you and your team members reimagine your roles.

How might leaders prepare themselves and others for success?