Change Your Question Change Your Direction

The questions you answer determine the direction you go.

In order to find the right answer, you must ask the right question.

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“The most common source of mistakes in management decisions is the emphasis on finding the right answer rather than the right question.” Peter Drucker

New questions that make small leaders bigger:

  1. What opportunity would you seize, if you weren’t consumed with this problem?
  2. What’s the real problem you’re solving right now?
  3. What frustrations keep returning?
  4. With next year in mind, what matters now?

New questions that make lousy meetings better:

  1. Who doesn’t belong in this meeting? (If you don’t have specific contributions and plan to leave with action items, you shouldn’t be here.)
  2. Who should be here, but isn’t?
  3. What do the people around the table actually bring to the table?
  4. What happened in this meeting that made it useful? (Ask at the end.)

New questions that make blind leaders see:

  1. If you weren’t waiting for the right conditions, what would you do next?
  2. Where are you expecting more from others than you expect from yourself?
  3. How do I want people to feel about themselves after spending time with me?
  4. Where will the people who follow me end up?
  5. Where is risking failure worth it?

New questions that make frustration useful:

  1. How would you be a better leader if you got what you wanted? Be that leader now.
  2. What expressions of vulnerability are you withholding?
  3. What benefits do you desire for the person you’re frustrated with?
  4. What are you willing to do about this? (Not, what do I want others to do.)

Change questions. Change direction.

What questions might ignite a change in direction?

What questions have changed you?


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