How to Improve Your Vibe and Flourish as a Leader

Leaders send vibes to everyone in their proximity.

If you want to flourish, choose how you show up.

Leadership vibes:

Inner thoughts and attitudes radiate through facial expressions, body language, tone, and language. Here are some examples of the vibe given off by people I know.

  1. I’m consumed with myself.
  2. I show up to serve.
  3. I don’t want to appear weak.
  4. I like you.
  5. I’m glad to be here.
  6. I’m having fun.
  7. I feel incompetent and needy.
  8. I’m making a difference.
  9. I do a good job.
  10. I hate what I’m doing.
  11. The world sucks.
  12. I want you to do something for me.

What’s your vibe?

4 questions to explore your vibe:

  1. Is your hand opened or closed?
  2. Are you showing up to serve or be served?
  3. Are you looking to affirm or critique?
  4. How are you connecting and including others?

Your vibe:

People tend to describe themselves with negatives. I don’t want people to take advantage of me. I don’t want to be angry. I’m not as open as I would like.

Describe your vibe with three positive words. For example, I want to be curious, patient, and forward-facing.

Express your vibe:

After exploring and defining your vibe, choose three behaviors that best align with the way you want to show up. For example,

  1. Curiosity: Ask questions before making statements.
  2. Patience: Give people time to find and reflect on their responses to my questions.
  3. Forward-facing: Explore next steps. For me, any conversation that ends without forward movement is a waste of time. 

You flourish when your vibe expresses who you are and serves the needs of your organization.

What three words describe your preferred vibe?

What three behaviors best align with the vibe you want to send?