Two Power Questions to Clarify A Confusing Fork in the Road

You aren’t reaching high enough if the future is known, the path is clear, and outcomes are certain. But navigating ambiguity drives most of us nuts.

All important decisions have alternatives. This is doubly true when decisions are personal.

Decisions include:

  1. Fear the other path might turn out better.
  2. Concern for hurting those negatively impacted.
  3. Anxiety about jumping from the pan into the fire. You don’t want to make things worse.
  4. Dread that new information might emerge. What if a better option appears and it’s too late?

Navigating the fork in the road:

5 considerations:

  1. Consider alternatives.
  2. Weigh pros and cons.
  3. Examine options through the lens of your strengths.
  4. Talk it over with others.
  5. Consider personal values.

2 power questions:

Some decisions are foggy even after employing the above considerations. Sometimes the more you consider, the foggier you get.

Try these two power questions if you’re still unsure after careful consideration:

  1. If both alternatives fail, which will you be glad you tried?
  2. If both alternatives succeed, which will you be glad you are doing?

Bob’s suggestions:

I just talked with Bob Hancox. He offered these suggestions if you’re at a fork in the road.

  1. If you’re stuck, ask yourself, “Whose permission are you waiting for?”
  2. If you have several alternatives, try putting them in one of three buckets. Good. Better. Best.

How do you make decisions when you’re at a fork in the road?