How Santa is Jolly when he has Important Work to Do

The thing I like about Santa is he’s jolly. But how can you be happy when you have so much to do?


He has lots of help.

I don’t know how many elves work at the North Pole, but I think it’s a lot. The higher you want to reach, the more hands you need on your team.

You may reach high on your own, but superstars have lots of help. Who is helping you? A coach? Mentor? People who compensate for your weaknesses and extend your strengths?

Ego limits your potential.

How might you let others help you? I know you think about helping others. And rightly so. But profound success has many contributors.

The help Santa receives enables him to serve others. 

Giving is central to his career.

Evaluate your leadership by how much you give, not just what you receive.

At the end of the day, when you’re walking to your car, evaluate your day by asking, “How did I pour from my cup into others?”

Santa asks, “What do you want?” Successful leaders know what their teammates want. Some want challenge. Others want opportunity. Perhaps a few want to be left alone. The list goes on. Some want:

  1. Respect in the form of affirmation, recognition, or reward.
  2. Development in the form of training.
  3. Advancement and more responsibility. Or some are happy right where they are.

Inspirational leaders know what others want.

A clear deadline dominates his work.

Santa’s deadline requires planning and discipline. Frankly, Santa must have weekly milestones. I don’t think a deadline that’s a year from now means much. But a deadline that’s due this Sunday (Christmas Eve) creates focus.

The end of the week is a natural deadline. What happens in your thinking if you actually stop working on Friday? 

What leadership lessons do you learn from Santa?