The Grinch’s Heart Grew Three Sizes That Day

“And what happened, then? Well, in Whoville they say – that the Grinch’s small heart grew three sizes that day. And then – the true meaning of Christmas came through, and the Grinch found the strength of *ten* Grinches, plus two!” Dr. Seuss

The big-hearted-you is more compelling than the public you. We may not say it, but the fake face is obvious and ugly.

You’re less of who you could be when you’re trying to be someone you’re not.

There comes a moment of compelling inspiration when shields drop and and the power of a big heart shines.

4 things big hearted leaders know about caring:

  1. The more you need to get done, the more you need to care for people.
  2. At the end of the day, the real question is how much did you care for the people on your team.
  3. Leaderly care inspires. It’s not hand-holding.
  4. The heart of leadership is turning your focus toward the welfare of others.

If people were tools, caring wouldn’t matter.

Leaders with big hearts rely on others.

Self-reliance in leadership makes leaders small.

The more you rely on others, the more compelling your leadership becomes. 

Relying on others reflects strength and trust. Small hearted leaders meddle, outdo, and one-up. In other words, they rely on themselves. 

Strong leaders equip others for success and then rely on them to succeed.

Your worried look lets others know you don’t trust them.


5 things big hearted leaders say:

  1. I hadn’t thought of it that way.
  2. I’m learning.
  3. My thoughts are shifting.
  4. I’m excited to try this.
  5. I could do better.

Small hearted leaders don’t inspire learning because they fake knowing. 

What are some reasons for small hearted leadership?

How might leaders grow and show big hearts?

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