5 Ways to Cheer Up When You Feel Blue

Anyone who never feels blue needs to get in touch with reality.

You feel blue when:

  1. Responsibilities weigh on you. This type of sadness often reflects loneliness.
  2. You poured yourself into a project and succeeded. Mountain top experiences may be followed by valleys. Add guilt if you feel blue after winning.
  3. The “shoe drop” syndrome sets in. This happens when you live with nagging fear that something bad is going to happen.
  4. Overdoing it. Drinking and eating too much feels fun during and yucky after.
  5. Nagging problems feel like anchors. Working without making progress drains energy.
  6. Your inner critic goes on a rampage.
  7. “Spinning wheels” describe your current situation.

5 ways to cheer up when you feel blue:

#1. Lift up your head and throw back your shoulders.

Eight years ago I noticed that I look at the ground when I think. Apparently, thinking causes poor posture. The simple act of lifting my head changed my attitude.

Good posture feels better than face dragging.

#2. Take a few deep breaths.

I hesitate to make such simple suggestions. But if you’re blue, simple is all you can do. I’ve read research that suggests this really helps. It’s not the solution. It’s a help.

#3. Wrestle the bear.

Begin a tough conversation you’ve been putting off. Notice the word “begin”. A beginning lifts your spirits. Reject the idea that one conversation will completely solve a nagging issue. 

Agree on the outcome you’d like to achieve and take a step to get there.

#4. Aim lower.

Settle for progress.

Solutions may be distant dreams. Progress IS the solution – at least for today.

#5. Ask a respected colleague if they ever feel blue.

When I’m blue, I enjoy hearing others talk about being blue.

How might leaders cheer up when they’re blue?