Three Ways To Make a Difference Today

#1. Fuel, manage, and monitor energy, first your own, then others.

You can’t get there with an empty tank. It’s not flashy, but in order to fuel energy in others you need to keep gas in your own tank.

  1. Engage in meaningful work. Do stuff that matters to you. Energy goes up when you do what matters.
  2. Do the work that matters most when you’re at your best. The work that matters most is connection, asking questions, and affirming progress.
  3. Notice the positive attributes of others. Weaknesses grab your attention. Schedule time in the day to say something good to people.
  4. Turn off electronics. When possible, put your laptop in the closet. Go for a walk and leave your cell phone home.

#2. Show interest in people.

Don’t pry into personal lives, but show interest in people as people by asking questions.

  1. What got you interested in this work?
  2. What do others appreciate about you?
  3. How did you happen to get this job?
  4. What do you do to relax?

The need to deliver results distracts some leaders from relationship building.

#3. Stay positive.

Don’t minimize challenges in the name of positivity. You look like an idiot if you pretend the house isn’t on fire.

Maximize opportunity and potential. When you’re worried about current challenges, tell the team you’re counting on them.

“I”m counting on you,” is better than, “I’m really worried about this.”

Use inquiry to fuel positivity.

  1. What do we need to do to move the ball forward?
  2. What’s preventing us from making this decision right now?
  3. Would you take on this challenge?
  4. How can I help?
  5. What’s next?

Notice when conversations focus on the past, uncontrollable circumstances, or complaints. Find ways to turn people’s attention toward the future.

How might you make a difference today?