The Nickname Project

Nurse Alice Tittle said Claudia Alta Taylor was, “… as pretty as a lady bird.” At two years old, Claudia became, “Lady Bird.” (NYT)

Claudia became the First Lady of the United States when her husband Lyndon Johnson became the 36th President.

Nicknames often explain an outstanding quality of a person.

10 Famous Sports Nicknames:

  1. Eldrick Woods – Tiger Woods (I had no idea Tiger’s name was Eldrick. Did you?)
  2. Alex Rodriguez – A-Rod
  3. George Herman Ruth – Babe
  4. Roger Clemens – The Rocket
  5. Paul Bryant – Bear
  6. Wilt Chamberlain – Wilt the Stilt
  7. Muhammad Ali – The Greatest
  8. Hector Comacho – Macho Comacho (Boxer)
  9. Thomas Hearns – Hitman Hearns (Boxer)
  10. Gordie Howe – Mr. Hockey

Sports enthusiasts may know the owners of the following nicknames.

  1. Catfish
  2. Shoeless
  3. Magic
  4. Charlie Hustle
  5. Pistol
  6. The Great One
  7. The Fridge
  8. Dr. J.
  9. The Juice
  10. Too Tall

Team project:

Have each member of the team give a nickname to everyone around the table.

Base nicknames on a strength or outstanding positive quality. Avoid nicknames like Big Nose Barry.

Assign nicknames and explain in one or two sentences the reason you gave them.

  1. Dale the Finisher. I admire how you always finish what you start.
  2. Mary the Hammer. You’re great at driving home the most important point in a presentation.
  3. Christine the Compassionate. You always think of the feelings of others.
  4. John the Helper. Everywhere you go, you find a way to add value.

It doesn’t matter if the nicknames stick like Lady Bird or The Babe. The goal is to acknowledge each other’s strengths and pour a little fuel on someone’s fire.

Alternative #1: Use animals for nicknames, Tiger, for example. 

Alternative #2: Go on a nicknaming walkabout. Just walk up to someone and say, “Today, I think I’m going to call you The Rock.” Explain the reason in a sentence or two.

What nicknames would you give the people on your team?

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