5 Blind-Spots That Sink Your Boat Pt. 1

Blind-spots are like rowing a boat that’s full of holes, but you can’t find the holes.

If you don’t see the holes in the boat, you’ll sink and wonder why. You’ll bail to the point of exhaustion and give up in frustration.

Leaders row hard and sink every day.

Wasted effort:

A leader with blind-spots acts on wrong beliefs and assumptions. You pour energy and effort into behaviors that don’t serve you or others well – all the while thinking you’re doing well.

The worst blind-spot is thinking you don’t have any blind-spots.

5 blind-spots that sink your boat:

The soon to be published book, What Are Your Blind Spots, identifies five common blind-spots that hold leaders back. One thing I like about the book is blind-spots are explored as they impact organizational life.

Blind-spot #1: Purpose

You have holes in your boat if you believe purpose matters, but it DOESN’T drive your results.

The question: How do you put purpose at the center of business operations and achieve financial results because of it?

Purpose exercise:

  1. What is your organization’s desired impact on people?
  2. What would be reflected in a purpose that is unique to your organization?
  3. How would your organizational purpose provide strategic inspiration?
  4. What is there in your organizational purpose that speaks to the head and the heart?

Blind-spot #2: Story

You have holes in your boat if you believe you have a story PEOPLE care about. If you have an organizational story, it probably doesn’t touch anyone but you.

Most organizations have vision statements that put people to sleep. If you handed your vision statement to a stranger, would they have any idea what you really do?

If you handed your vision statement to an employee, would they see themselves in it?

The question: How can you connect real stories to strategy so it’s compelling?

More in the next post…

What blind-spots do leaders have?

How might leaders deal with blind-spots?

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**This post is adapted from, “What are Your Blind Spots: Conquering the 5 Misconceptions that Hold Leaders Back,” by Jim Haudan and Rich Berens.

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