7 Ways to be the Leader Everyone Loves to Work With

You’ve probably had a lousy leader. He made life miserable. She had irritating habits.

People don’t leave organizations, they leave lousy leaders.

Lousy leaders:

  1. Ignore the little people and hang with the power-people.
  2. Practice negative motivation. Lousy leaders shame, make negative comparisons, and belittle. 
  3. Play favorites. Quality of work is irrelevant when the leader has a golden child.
  4. Dishearten with their own disengagement and laziness. 
  5. Devalue effort by ignoring progress.
  6. Flip flop like fish on a dock. It’s discouraging when leaders constantly change direction.
  7. Make decisions in isolation. Lousy leaders talk first and listen last.

Bonus: Lousy leaders pretend they’re great leaders.

7 ways to be the leader everyone loves to work with:

#1. Win!

  1. Define wins.
  2. Create wins. (Milestones are small wins)
  3. Celebrate wins.

Everybody loves to win. What’s today’s win?

#2. Inspire belief.

  1. Help people believe in themselves by celebrating progress.
  2. Build confidence in  the team. Help people believe in each other by helping everyone function within their strengths.
  3. Paint a picture of the future where others do things that matter.

Everyone loves to work for a leader who inspires belief.

#3. Talk about where we’re going, constantly.

Work is drudgery if all it is is work.

Vision gives sweat purpose. Create a future.

#4. Manage energy.

Negative environments happen through neglect. Positive environments are built with focused effort. One negative comment weighs three times as much as a positive.

#5. Smile more. Cheer more.

#6. Avoid the self-importance trap.

  1. Make others feel important. You matter most when you make others matter.
  2. Show respect rather than demanding it.

#7. Give away all the credit. Yes, all!

  1. Focus on other people’s achievements,
  2. People prefer you to lift them up to you outdoing their achievements.
  3. Don’t pat yourself on the back. It’s pathetic.

Bonus: Tell people what you want. Everyone hates self-protective, cowardly bosses who never get to the point.

What is/was true of the leaders you love to work with?

What’s true of leaders you don’t want to work with?