3 Shocking Ways to Show Up Today

Knowing stuff got you where you are, but “not knowing” takes you where you need to go.

Choose how you show up BEFORE you show up.

#1. Show up to let others be right.

Take advice. Stop finding fault with advice. If advice won’t make matters worse, try it.

Give room for others to learn. Say, “That’s an interesting idea. Why don’t you try it? Let’s meet next Thursday at 3:00 to debrief.”

4 tips for letting others be right:

  1. Will an idea cause damage? Intervene.
  2. Does the person possess drive and openness? Let them dive into the deep end.
  3. Is there a track record of learning from failure? Provide rope for trying things.
  4. Do they get defensive when receiving tough feedback? Perhaps learning from failure will develop humility.

#2. Show up to embolden others to act.

Permission-giving hinders bold action.

Teach people to stop asking permission and start declaring intention. “I intend to,” is more courageous than, “May I.” (See, Turn the Ship Around, by David Marquet.)

Too many suggestions hinder bold action. Affirm more. Tweak less.

Others are timid when you don’t trust their talent.

#3. Show up to get out of the way.

Step back and allow others to act.

The transition from being IN the spotlight to shining the spotlight is painful for some. Your need to be the center of attention prevents initiative.

Notice your need to be part of the action. When you feel left out, stay out.

Give yourself freedom to give others freedom:

  1. Coach instead of giving quick answers when people seek input.
  2. Affirm instead of tweak.
  3. Schedule reports. (Use #1 and #2 above during reports.)
  4. Learn to speak directly with kindness. Lack of courage to speak your mind prevents you from freeing others to act.

The courage to step back is often greater than the courage to step in.

Which of the above suggestions seems most challenging?

How would you like to show up today?

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