My One Word of Advice – V3.1

The wise seek advice, but fools stand aloof.

5 principles for successful advice-giving:

  1. Rush to ask questions, not give answers.
  2. Explain the problem you’re solving before solving it. Maybe you’re giving an answer to a problem they don’t see.
  3. Don’t impose your strengths on advisees.
  4. Offer options, not single answers. Advisees feel powerful when making choices.
  5. Listen to your own experience.

I asked leaders, “What advice would you give if you could only give one word of advice.”

“View the success of those you lead by the value they provide to the organization, not the amount of time they ‘put in’ each day.” CIO in healthcare

“When you want to be critical of others, critique yourself first.” Name witheld

“Practice humility, because it can open doors, soften resistance, and create solutions that would not otherwise be possible.”  Former Community Development Director of a Southern California city and part-time dishwasher, Sparrow Bakery

“Operate with integrity and sincerity.  It may not always feel like it in the moment but staying on the high road will eventually take you where you need to be.” David Brakhage Director of Operations, Great Lakes/Atlantic Region, Ducks Unlimited

“Show up, lift up, and never give up. Speak greatness into people and situations. Give trust.” Joe McBreen, CIO St. Vrain Valley School District

“Manage your energy and that of your team.” Abe Klassen, CEO MC3 Manufacturing

“My mentor told me, ‘No one is going to pin a rose on you just for doing your job.’  His point was work smarter, not harder – focus effort on where I can get the biggest return or gain for the business.  Stop trying to do it all.  Be careful about letting others pile their priorities on you.” Anne Weigle, Chief of Staff GSA, PBS Northwest/Arctic Region

What helpful advice have you received?